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Abstract. Your kind donations will help me pay for books, software and this website.

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Introduction 2.Donate Money 3.Buy Stuff 4.Talk to Me 5.Send Stuff

1. Use Your Credit Card On Secure PayPal.

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Wherever you see
on this site, clicking it will bring you to a special page for donations to on the secure site (an EBay company). There you may use your credit card to make a contribution--you do not need to join PayPal to do so.

3. Buy Something From An Imathination Shop.

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T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs and other items of my own design, some math related and some strive to be profoundly funny, but mostly become my funny idea of profound, actually. If you don't find anything you like, buy something for an enemy.


4. Have a Dialog With Me.

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The easiest way to start and conduct, at least initially, a conversation in this day and age is by email. Drop me an email to start a dialog, or you can mail me a letter.


5. Send Stuff To Me.

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Receiving a letter, check or money order (or, shhh..., cash) in the mail is truly joyful and tends to renew my faith in humanity.  And while I truly do appreciate and need good textbooks, educational media and learning materials, it's weird and unnerving to receive an unsolicited package from a stranger. Therefore, don't be a stranger! Please have a dialog with me before sending anything more massive than a few pages of paper, just so I know it's coming, thanks.


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